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The Pointless General Election- the aftermath

Okay…. I got it wrong!

I, like many bloggers, commentators, and the public in general, predicted that the Conservatives were going to win a landslide…. but that didn’t happen. Here’s some newspaper headlines on the eve of the election…










Here’s some newspaper headlines after the results…















What a difference a day makes… and it may not over yet… by a long shot….

The Pointless General Election

What is the point of this general election?

A general election which was not really needed.

A general election in which politicians continually argue over nothing.

A general election in which the real issues facing the nation will not be tackled.

A general election which is being repeatedly dominated by brexit.

A general election in which the nation is becoming more socially divided.

A general election in which there will be more frequent terror attacks in the future.

A general election where there isn’t any real choice in which political party to vote for.

What is the point of this general election?

Blair returns to the fray

So, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, former (to some people, current) public enemy number one, is returning to front line politics. Why?

“What’s happening in Britain really worries me,” he says in this headline in the Daily Mirror, probably the only newspaper who will back the Labour party in this year’s Brexit election.

Twenty years after Labour’s first of three election victories, the party could be reduced to a small rump of MPs in the forthcoming Conservative landslide, if the current opinion polls are to be believed.

Mr Blair’s latest public intervention is not about trying to stop the UK from going through some commentators call “a very damaging withdrawal” from the European Union, but like many of his supporters, he seems determined to continue help undermining current party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

If anything, his mere presence will certainly mean that Labour will lose yet more votes.

It would be preferable to all concerned if Blair did the honourable thing… and kept quiet.

PM calls early general election

So, Prime Minster Theresa May has called an early general election for June 8th. Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bad idea? The only reason that I see that she’s going ahead with the latest in a long line of u-turns on recent policy (she had earlier pledged not to go to the country).

I heard the announcement on the radio yesterday with a groan…. a groan in hearing the predictions in the media that the Conservatives would win an increased majority. Some public opinion polls put them around 20 per cent ahead of Labour, and they have the backing of most of the media, even though they don’t deserve it.

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