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2019: Unhappy New Year

Looking forward to 2019. Looking forward to what?

Economic and social meltdown, leading to major unrest.

More religious terrorism.

Rising criminality.

More climate change storms.

People calling each other “Nazis” and bigots.

More cheating in areas of public life from sport to politics.

People forced to watch more stupid superhero movies.

Intolerance of refugees and homeless people.


The political centre collapsing.

The rich getting wealthier at the expense of everybody else.

A world on the brink of World War III.

Happy New Year!!!

Grenfell Tower fire, one year on


Why did this preventable tragedy happen?

Why weren’t the victims’ relatives, nor the general public told the truth over how many people perished that night?

Why did the local council ignore repeated problems with the estate refurbishment?

Why, after one year, only a handful of the survivors have been rehoused?

Why, why, why?