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Conservative party leadership contest: a race to the bottom

Following Theresa May’s resignation, listed below is a selection of manifestos of the leading candidates for the Conservative Party leadership.

(Via Another Angry Voice’s Twitter feed).

Remember, whoever wins out of this lot will become Prime Minister. You have been warned.

Tories and Labour kicked in the ballots- part one

The people have spoken!

Both the governing and the main opposition parties were kicked in the ballots in yesterday’s local elections in England. Conservative and Labour have at the time of writing, lost over 1100 seats combined. The big winners were the Liberal Democrats, who have gained over 580 seats, the Greens over 150 and independents and others over 540.

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Brexit Farce (cont.) Sack the ENTIRE parliament now!

It’s becoming a f**king farce… and beyond a joke.

Our so-called parliament decided not to make a decision on how the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. MPs were asked to vote on eight alternatives to Prime Minister Theresa May’s twice-rejected withdrawal deal… but failed to get agreement on all of them. May announced that she will resign… but only if her original deal is voted through for a third time.

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European Union calls out the “Brexit headbangers”

Time and time again, the government’s plans for a EU departure deal seem to change from one day to the next. So it comes to no surprise as the European Council president Donald Tusk understandably had enough and launched a stinging attack on the brexit headbangers with both barrels.

In the last few days, Prime Minister Theresa May continued to dig a hole for herself as she tried to deliver the unachivable, not only over the Irish border idea, but is also blatantly trying to bribe Labour MPs in northern England into accepting cash to be spent in their leave-voting constiuencies if they support her deal.

While other EU countries have already put in place post-brexit plans, the UK has hardly started theirs. May is hoping that her deal will be passed in parliament before the March 29th deadline. However, that is unlikely to happen, for some reason, these idiotic MPs are both too damn stubborn and tribal to reach out to each other in this time of crisis.