Conservative party leadership contest: a race to the bottom

Following Theresa May’s resignation, listed below is a selection of manifestos of the leading candidates for the Conservative Party leadership. Boris Johnson – A massive tax handout for the highest earners in society (like him and his mainstream media backers), paid for by the rest of us. — Another Angry Voice (@Angry_Voice) 10 June 2019 […]

Tories and Labour kicked in the ballots- part two

The people have spoken…once again. Both the Conservatives and Labour parties get yet another good kicking at the elections to the European Parliament, the last ones that the UK will participate in. The Brexit party, led by the controversial but charismatic Nigel Farage, were clear winners, winning a staggering 31 per cent of the popular […]

The PM resigns!

So, our embattled Prime Minister Theresa May has finally thrown in the towel. What’s taken her so long? After three years of constantly fighting with her fellow MPs over how the UK should leave the European Union via what was a very discredited referendum, she announced that she will stand down on 7th June, after […]