We are OUT of Europe!

It’s over.

After nearly 44 years of membership, The United Kingdom is to leave the European Union bloc. A selection of newspaper headlines on this historic moment.

Unite behind Brexit, says May“- Daily Telegraph

FREEDOM! On a historic day for Britain, Theresa May signs the letter that tells the EU: We’re OUT!“- Daily Mail

Theresa May’s no-nonsense message to Brussels- DEAR EU, WE’RE LEAVING YOU“- Daily Express

Today, as our PM triggers Britain’s exit from the EU, we beam this message from the iconic White Cliffs to our neighbours… DOVER AND OUT!“- The Sun

Today Britain steps into the unknown“- The Guardian

“The eyes of the world are watching. May triggers Britain’s EU departure“- The Times

DEAR EU, IT’S TIME TO GO“- Daily Mirror

A great turning point in Britain’s history“- London Evening Standard

May signs us out“- Metro UK

Brexit begins“- The I

Whatever opinion one thinks of this, it certainly is a sad day for the country.

The case for EMIGRATION

On the national day of action, entitled One Day Without Us, a short video on what Britain would lose if foreigners were asked to leave the country over Brexit.

What is very frustrating is that despite the huge contribution foreigners have given to Britain throughout history, we continue to treat them with disrespect and sometimes downright hostility (unless they’re rich).

So, I have an idea- why don’t the government set up a fund for allowing all foreigners to the chance to leave Britain to go and live where they will be appreciated. Then we will soon see how the country will (not be able to) cope without them.

Labour is toast, whatever the by-election result

There will a double by-election on 23 February following the recent resignations of two Labour MPs.

Jamie Reed quit as member for Copeland, and Tristam Hunt quit as member for Stoke-on-Trent Central to leave for lucrative jobs elsewhere. Both MPs were long-time critics of current leader Jeremy Corbyn. There have been rumours that more Labour MPs, fearful of seeing themselves in opposition to the Conservatives for a decade or more, are also considering jumping ship.

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