Brexit car crash

It’s all falling apart for the government.

Prime Minister Theresa May cannot seem to keep her word on anything. She is publically ridiculed by her own MPs. Parliament is paralysed.

PM delays brexit deal vote- BBC News

Brexit debate on Channel 4 (UK) last night. WATCH: Green MP Caroline Lucas wipes the floor with her brexiteer opponents

Perhaps this Jonathan Pie video sums up what this country is going through.


In other news, brexit could still be cancelled according to EU Court.


Why we must still accept brexit

At last… after two years of endless struggle, personal and political bitching and backbiting, the Conservative government has put forward a plan which they hoped after all the negotiations, will finally strike a deal with the European Union that will enable a speedy and orderly departure from the organisation in March 2019.

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We must accept Brexit

In just over a year’s time, the United Kingdom will depart the European Union, after the 2016 referendum result. Yet this understandably tense period has been dominated by the almost collective nervous breakdown of the British political establishment.

The Conservative government, led by the hapless Theresa May, instead of telling parliament, and the country, that they have a plan of action to deal with brexit, they have spent all this time repeatedly going and coming back from Brussels with a cap in hand begging for key concessions from the EU negotiators, ranging from staying in the customs union to the issue of the rights of foreign nationals… but failing to get anywhere. Meanwhile, the Conservative MPs are infighting among themselves in public, with so-called brexiteers and remainers demanding they be listened to.

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Blair returns to the fray

So, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, former (to some people, current) public enemy number one, is returning to front line politics. Why?

“What’s happening in Britain really worries me,” he says in this headline in the Daily Mirror, probably the only newspaper who will back the Labour party in this year’s Brexit election.

Twenty years after Labour’s first of three election victories, the party could be reduced to a small rump of MPs in the forthcoming Conservative landslide, if the current opinion polls are to be believed.

Mr Blair’s latest public intervention is not about trying to stop the UK from going through some commentators call “a very damaging withdrawal” from the European Union, but like many of his supporters, he seems determined to continue help undermining current party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

If anything, his mere presence will certainly mean that Labour will lose yet more votes.

It would be preferable to all concerned if Blair did the honourable thing… and kept quiet.