Other Links

If you don’t like this blog, here is a select list of websites and blogs that I recommend to you. Some links may be replaced due to being either removed or discontinued.

Assorted Blogs and Forums

Bloggerheads, Another Angry Voice, Comment Is Free, A Different Bias, Daily Mail Watch, Harry’s Place, Zelo Street.

Current Affairs and News

BBC News, Byline, Channel 4 News, CNN International, Huffington Post UK, LBC, PoliticsHome, Prospect, Sky News, Spiked!, The Conversation UK, The Guardian, The Independent, New Statesman, The Spectator, The Times.


B3ta, E-merl, News Thump, Private Eye, The Daily Mash, The Nib, The Oatmeal, The Onion, The Poke, The Spine, The Spoof, Webcomic Name, xkcd.

Media and Entertainment

BBC, Digital Spy, Variety.

Websites for Campaigning

Index On Censorship, Open Democracy, Spinwatch, Fullfact, Transparency International.