The start of “Brexit”

So, it begins….

Parliament finally gets to discuss the government’s “plans” for the UK leaving the European Union. Whatever happens, there will still be a “brexit”.

The Conservative government, despite not having a proper plan in the first place, would certainly win any vote, because the opposition against them is so divided. Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, no supporter of the EU, is under pressure from centre- left commentators and those in other political parties to either block or at least delay the bill.

While Corbyn’s alleged contortions have been given a lot of media attention, Prime Minister Theresa May’s poor performance in relation to this issue has been frequently fawned upon. How does she get away with it?

Let’s get this straight. Corbyn didn’t start this crisis, David Cameron did. It was Cameron who as former PM, held the EU referendum allegedly under pressure from a significant number of his MPs. It was Cameron who gambled with the UK’s future…. and he lost, splitting his own party in the process. Of course, when there was a narrow vote to leave, Cameron decided not to face up to his responsibilities and walked away from parliament like a coward. Now, he’s no longer an MP. Every aspect of life in the UK could seriously be affected after brexit… and it’s all his fault.

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