Ex-spy poisoned- press go ballistic

Ever since the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal was found unconscious after being poisoned in Salisbury earlier this month, most of the British national press had already made their minds up about who is to blame- the current Russian president Vladimir Putin, despite the overwhelming lack of evidence.

Mr Skripal is one in a long number of former agents and business associates living in Britain, some who were political opponents of Putin, many of them have died in suspisious circumstances.

Typically, UK prime minister Theresa May and her Conservative government, is being egged on by our so-called fearless press to threaten Russia… but with what exactly? The reality is that Britain is too impoverished, politically and intellectually stupid to take action against another much larger and powerful nation. Despite what many of the usually uninformed public may have read in newspapers or watched on the TV, there hasn’t been any genuine signs of support or solidarity from neither the European Union (simply because we are leaving) nor the United States (sorry, it’s America First from now on).

The British press, already emboldened from the recent decision by the government to abandon the continuation of the Leveson Inquiry, had thought they have been given permission to continue to write and publish articles that are inaccurate, poorly researched and factchecked.

At a very sensitive time, one would have thought they would take the time to find out what the facts about Skripal’s poisoning were, and publish them accordingly. Yet, in the last few days, Britain’s already strained relationship with Russia have been deteriorated by the actions of our government, probably influenced by our so-called press. In the absence of any real reporting, conspiracy theorists are trying to step into the gap, spreading lies and falsehoods on the internet.

Unfortunately, the situation will certainly get worse as the press will continue to poorly report about what is happening in this country.