Coronavirus- UK not ready

The world seems like a dangerous place right now with the coronavirus pandemic. Ever since it broke out in China, thousands of people have been infected and many have died. Governments across the world have put tough and sometimes draconian measures in place to halt the spread of the virus. Hospitals have priotised treatment of the worst patients, sporting and cultural events have been either cancelled or postponed, travel has been restricted, and people have been asked to work from home if possible.

However, one country seems to be taking a lax attitude to tackling the pandemic… the United Kingdom.

The government’s preparations to tackle the coronavirus have been criticised by many health experts as being “less than adequate”. Flights containing infected people from other countries can still land and take off from UK airports, and there have been claims that there have been too few checks on travelers departing and arriving. There currently isn’t any travel restrictions throughout the country, and at present, cinemas, shops, factories, schools, colleges and universities have not been closed temporarily. Many sports bodies, after seeing the situation, have reluctanly either postponed or cancelled events, but others still went ahead.

The problems have been made worse by the lack of proper information and advice coming from both ministers and the NHS. To add insult to injury, prime minister Boris Johnson this week told reporters at a news conference that “Many loved ones will die”.


After twelve years of successive spending cuts to our public services, the country, in the worst case scenario, could soon be overrun and unable to cope when the pandemic will be at its height.