The winner of the Best Picture category at last night’s Oscar ceremony was wrongly named as La-La Land. In fact, it had been won by Moonlight. Cue embarrassing cock up!

The case for EMIGRATION

On the national day of action, entitled One Day Without Us, a short video on what Britain would lose if foreigners were asked to leave the country over Brexit.

What is very frustrating is that despite the huge contribution foreigners have given to Britain throughout history, we continue to treat them with disrespect and sometimes downright hostility (unless they’re rich).

So, I have an idea- why don’t the government set up a fund for allowing all foreigners to the chance to leave Britain to go and live where they will be appreciated. Then we will soon see how the country will (not be able to) cope without them.

Tony Blair, why don’t you just get lost!

Sorry, the referendum result was decisive. Parliament has just started the process of quitting the European Union. The last thing Britain needs is a long list of failed politicians like former prime minister Tony Blair telling us that we should continue the battle to stay in the EU. They need to shut up and go away….