Party in disarray about welfare- so what’s new?

"Don't blame me. i'm just the acting leader!

“Don’t blame me. I’m just the acting leader!”

Whither the Labour party?

In Parliament, the Conservative government’s controversial welfare bill was passed last night by a huge majority… helped by acting Labour leader Harriet harman asking MPs to abstain. Instead, 48 of them (one was leadership challenger Jeremy Corbyn) decided to defy the whip and vote against.

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Summertime blues


A35989The UK rarely gets any form of sunshine and warmth, so when it arrives, even for a few days, most people would welcome it.

But no… as soon as the current warm spell arrives, the country typically descens into chaos. Many people take the day off work, affecting productivity. Despite the warnings, people simply forget to take water and complain about the heat. On public transport, train tracks have sometimes known to buckle in the sudden heat, so speed restrictions have been put in place, slowing down passenger journeys, the situation made even worse by the lack of air conditioning. It makes me laugh when many people often dress inappropriately for such days. It’s annoying when, in spite of all the more important issues going on in the world, the weather is often front-page news in the papers and on TV. Moan moan moan…..

We should be grateful for the fact that in the UK we have a mixed climate. Yes, it rains a lot, we get some sun, sometimes we have snow and thunderstorms…. but that’s nothing compared to many other parts of the world which often suffer the likes of drought, tornadoes, hurricanes and live under the threat of earthquakes on a regular basis.

English football chokes again

WorldcupphotoYep, it’s happened again. English football continues to choke in big tournaments.

Days after England’s male under-21 team crash out of the European championships, the senior womens’ team lose 2-1 to Japan at the World Cup in Canada.

It’s becoming a familiar pattern in sport in the UK. Our players and teams go into big competitions thinking they’re just as good as anybody, only to be routinely found out by smarter and stronger opponents.

I’ve regularly criticised that arrogant and overconfident attitude because they put unnecessary pressure on themselves to do well, but when things often go wrong, they start to look for excuses.

The situation will only change when we start to take these competitions seriously, and treat opponents with respect.

A very pointless contest

Labourcandidates2015After managing to lose a winnable general election last month, the Labour party is having yet another pointless election contest to choose vote-loser Ed Miliband’s successor.

The contest has already been hit by some putting their hats in the ring…. and then pulling out. Let’s face it, who in their right mind would want to lead a both dead and moribund party which has had more relaunches in the last thirty-plus years than most people had hot dinners?

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Sweden wins Eurovision 2015

SwedeEuroSweden’s Mans Zelmerlow won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest held last night in Vienna. He beat Russia’s Polina Gagarina by 365 points to 303.

Italy and Belgium’s entries came third and fourth, but surprisingly Australia- entering the contest for the only time- came fifth.

As usual, the UK was rubbish. Our entry Electric Velvet came 24th with only five points. Still, it’s better than Germany, Austria and France.

And the Euro detractors say we would be better off without our continental cousins, economically, culturally or otherwise. PM David Cameron will get his referendum on the European Union.


The press backs….. the Conservatives

newspapers.jpgLong before the general election, the UK national press wrote in their editorials urging the electorate to back which political party to vote for. Not surprisingly, most of them have backed the Conservatives.

It seems that David Cameron, despite being unwilling to defend the present government’s record, he can call upon the publishers of The Sun, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and The Star (to a lesser extent, because the owner of the last two titles is flirting towards UKIP) to support him. The Independent hasn’t backed any party, but many of its journalists and columnists lean towards the Conservatives.

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Coalition, coalition, coalition

Ed Miliband, March 2012Less than a week to go until the nation goes to the polls, has the Labour Party thrown in the towel already?

Throughout the general election campaign, party leader Ed Miliband has repeatedly said that they refuse to do any deals or enter into any loose alliances with the Scottish National Party, even though the current opinion polls show that neither Labour nor the Conservatives will get an overall majority on May 8th (To be honest, I never liked opinion polls, I’d rather have the real poll, when we’ll get the results of how the nation actually voted).

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