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National Anthem scandal (?)

Jeremy Corbyn, the newly-elected leader of the Labour Party, was criticised for not singing the national anthem during the Battle of Britain remembrance service. So what?

I for one, has rarely sung the national anthem, as I suppose, plenty of people in England… and many of them are patriots too.

Standing in respectful silence, while everybody else sins the national anthem.

Standing in respectful silence, while everybody else sings the national anthem.


The same scene (almost) as seen in this Guardian cartoon. (c) 2015 Steve Bell

The same scene (almost) as seen in this Guardian cartoon. (c) 2015 Steve Bell

Kanye West to run for US President in 2020

kanye-westLast night, hip-hop star Kanye West announced at the MTV Video Music Awards that he will run for election of the President of the United States of America in 2020.

Oh dear, it’s bad enough for Americans to put up with the likes of clowns and nut-jobs like the businessman Donald Trump who think they could do a better job than any experienced politician.

West was not the first clown to put himself up to ridicule when running for elected office, and  won’t be the last. Still, at least he has five years to change his mind…..

Summertime blues


A35989The UK rarely gets any form of sunshine and warmth, so when it arrives, even for a few days, most people would welcome it.

But no… as soon as the current warm spell arrives, the country typically descens into chaos. Many people take the day off work, affecting productivity. Despite the warnings, people simply forget to take water and complain about the heat. On public transport, train tracks have sometimes known to buckle in the sudden heat, so speed restrictions have been put in place, slowing down passenger journeys, the situation made even worse by the lack of air conditioning. It makes me laugh when many people often dress inappropriately for such days. It’s annoying when, in spite of all the more important issues going on in the world, the weather is often front-page news in the papers and on TV. Moan moan moan…..

We should be grateful for the fact that in the UK we have a mixed climate. Yes, it rains a lot, we get some sun, sometimes we have snow and thunderstorms…. but that’s nothing compared to many other parts of the world which often suffer the likes of drought, tornadoes, hurricanes and live under the threat of earthquakes on a regular basis.

Football boss taunts relegated rivals

Rotherham picStruggling Championship side Rotherham United escaped relegation by beating Reading 2-1 in the penultimate match of the season, which sent both Millwall and Wigan down to join Blackpool in League One.

The victory was achieved despite been earlier given a three-point deduction for fielding an ineligible player in an earlier match, and the fact that a Millwall player claimed that Rotherham weren’t good enough to win their remaining games.

After the match Rotherham manager Steve Evans hit back:

“A Millwall player said we’ve not got bottle. I’ve got 12 bottles of finest Champagne and we’ll be drinking them for about a week….

“Look forward to League One son, and keep your trap shut!”

The perfect, but blunt reply. I liked that.


Politician gets slated for eating a sandwich- is THIS news?

No matter how he tries to connect with 'the voters', Ed Miliband will always be seen as 'a little weird.....

No matter how hard he tries to connect with ‘the voters’, Ed Miliband will always be seen as ‘a little weird’…..

Oh, for crying out loud!!!!

Little mention of the fact that support for Labour is falling by the day.

His policies have been repeatedly criticised by those within his own party.

He looks like the guy from Wallace and Gromit and acts like a robot.

But to slam Ed Miliband because he happened to be hungry? Good grief!!!!

Prince Harry in naked photos shock

Like I give a f**k!!!!

In spite of the more pressing issues facing the country, endless column inches in the press and news channel air time have been devoted to the publication of photos showing a member of the Royal family (almost) naked. Why?

The Sun newspaper had defended its decision to publish the photos because it’s in the public interest. Yeah, right. The British media collectively self-censored itself in the beginning, but then realised that the pictures were already online and accessible to surfers in the rest of the world… and to Britons who wanted to search for them.

It’s one thing for commentators to lazily comment on trivial matters like this… it’s quite another when they once fearlessly investigated the wrongdoings of governments and corporations. If this sort of thing is where their current priorities really lie, then God help us.