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Kanye West to run for US President in 2020

kanye-westLast night, hip-hop star Kanye West announced at the MTV Video Music Awards that he will run for election of the President of the United States of America in 2020.

Oh dear, it’s bad enough for Americans to put up with the likes of clowns and nut-jobs like the businessman Donald Trump who think they could do a better job than any experienced politician.

West was not the first clown to put himself up to ridicule when running for elected office, and  won’t be the last. Still, at least he has five years to change his mind…..

Sweden wins Eurovision 2015

SwedeEuroSweden’s Mans Zelmerlow won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest held last night in Vienna. He beat Russia’s Polina Gagarina by 365 points to 303.

Italy and Belgium’s entries came third and fourth, but surprisingly Australia- entering the contest for the only time- came fifth.

As usual, the UK was rubbish. Our entry Electric Velvet came 24th with only five points. Still, it’s better than Germany, Austria and France.

And the Euro detractors say we would be better off without our continental cousins, economically, culturally or otherwise. PM David Cameron will get his referendum on the European Union.


Welcome to London

Welcome to London.

Where your team bus can get lost on the way to the Olympic Village.

Where athletes will not be able to compete because the airports lose their equipment.

Where safety and security at all events is being compromised to save money.

Where games organisers are constantly at each other’s throats.

Where the typical British weather may lead to key events being either postponed or cancelled.

Where Games VIPs and officials have to share bus lanes with other traffic.

Where tickets for all events have been criticised as too expensive.

Where the British people didn’t want the event to be hosted in the first place (How we wished Paris had won instead).

Where sports commentators have branded the organisation of the games shambolic.

Welcome to London.

In defence of cup competitions

In this the FA Cup fourth round weekend, this column from the current New Statesman writer Jon Bernstein looks into the parlous state of cup football competitions.

“So reviled and diminished have most football cup competitions become UEFA (Europe’s football governing body) should launch a knockout competition to discover which is the least loved”.

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