Is there a case for bombing Syria?

Does anyone in the country outside the Westminster and media bubbles support the UK bombing of Syria?

Parliament is debating whether we should help kill yet more civilians in a country which has been in a civil war for over four years, and continuing an endless war on terror.

Prime minister David Cameron wants the authority to do this, despite being unable to deliver a straightforward policy. With the Conservative party having a small majority, he could certainly be reliant on the number of Labour MPs to support him, not because he has convinced them of the arguments for war, but they absolutely hate their current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

For many of those still-serving MPs who voted for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, have they learned nothing? Any fresh bombing will increase the threat of more terrorist attacks in the UK.

Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Now Syria. Every single one of the recent Western interventions has ended badly. There needs to be a proper alternative to resolving such crises and that could be used in the last resort.


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