Floody Hell….

2015floodingpicFor the last few weeks, parts of Wales, Scotland and northern England have suffered long periods of heavy rainfall leading to localised flooding.

This has understandibly ruined Christmas for many communities and have predictably led to calls from the media and politicians alike for the government to do more to improve defences to protect communities not just currently affected, but across the country as well.

Unfortunately, we have seen the awful spectacle of both government and opposition (mainly Labour) politicians attacking each other over who cutting funding for such upgrades. Prime Minister David Cameron, facing anger from local residents, had claimed that the current government had spent more for them than their previous Labour counterparts.

Perhaps the real blame for this state of affairs is not only of successive national governments for failing to properly fund and invest in such schemes, but also local councils, in their desire to attract people into their towns and villages, recklessly approve planning for the building of homes and factories in areas that could be prone to flooding. Indeed, it may seem a selfish thing to say on my part (my home has never been flooded out), but it seems totally unrealistic to try to construct even bigger defences, which may only protect some towns but make others vulnerable. For many people, such natural events such as storms are what some weather experts say the cause of climate change.

Is there a case for bombing Syria?

Does anyone in the country outside the Westminster and media bubbles support the UK bombing of Syria?

Parliament is debating whether we should help kill yet more civilians in a country which has been in a civil war for over four years, and continuing an endless war on terror.

Prime minister David Cameron wants the authority to do this, despite being unable to deliver a straightforward policy. With the Conservative party having a small majority, he could certainly be reliant on the number of Labour MPs to support him, not because he has convinced them of the arguments for war, but they absolutely hate their current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

For many of those still-serving MPs who voted for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, have they learned nothing? Any fresh bombing will increase the threat of more terrorist attacks in the UK.

Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Now Syria. Every single one of the recent Western interventions has ended badly. There needs to be a proper alternative to resolving such crises and that could be used in the last resort.


England crash out of the World Cup

dejectedenglandOh dear. Within a space of nearly 18 months, England’s finest team sportsmen find themselves crashing out of the early stages of big tournaments.

On the back of past failings in football and cricket, the rugby union players suffered not only an early exit from the World Cup after the defeat by Australia, it was also the first time a hosting nation has fallen at this stage. It’s as if one has been told by your guests to leave your own party.

Oh, who gives a stuff? The World Cup will be better off without a team which literally stank the place out anyway….

National Anthem scandal (?)

Jeremy Corbyn, the newly-elected leader of the Labour Party, was criticised for not singing the national anthem during the Battle of Britain remembrance service. So what?

I for one, has rarely sung the national anthem, as I suppose, plenty of people in England… and many of them are patriots too.

Standing in respectful silence, while everybody else sins the national anthem.

Standing in respectful silence, while everybody else sings the national anthem.


The same scene (almost) as seen in this Guardian cartoon. (c) 2015 Steve Bell

The same scene (almost) as seen in this Guardian cartoon. (c) 2015 Steve Bell

Whoever wins, Labour are finished

Labourcandidates2015Today, after nearly four months of campaigning, the new leader of the country’s main opposition party will finally be announced.

Let’s look at the candidates again.

The surprise frontrunner, the veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn, has been criticised by the mainstream media as being in the pay of the unions, being anti-war, and speaks to alleged facists and anti-semites.

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Kanye West to run for US President in 2020

kanye-westLast night, hip-hop star Kanye West announced at the MTV Video Music Awards that he will run for election of the President of the United States of America in 2020.

Oh dear, it’s bad enough for Americans to put up with the likes of clowns and nut-jobs like the businessman Donald Trump who think they could do a better job than any experienced politician.

West was not the first clown to put himself up to ridicule when running for elected office, and  won’t be the last. Still, at least he has five years to change his mind…..