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Blair returns to the fray

So, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, former (to some people, current) public enemy number one, is returning to front line politics. Why?

“What’s happening in Britain really worries me,” he says in this headline in the Daily Mirror, probably the only newspaper who will back the Labour party in this year’s Brexit election.

Twenty years after Labour’s first of three election victories, the party could be reduced to a small rump of MPs in the forthcoming Conservative landslide, if the current opinion polls are to be believed.

Mr Blair’s latest public intervention is not about trying to stop the UK from going through some commentators call “a very damaging withdrawal” from the European Union, but like many of his supporters, he seems determined to continue help undermining current party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

If anything, his mere presence will certainly mean that Labour will lose yet more votes.

It would be preferable to all concerned if Blair did the honourable thing… and kept quiet.

PM calls early general election

So, Prime Minster Theresa May has called an early general election for June 8th. Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bad idea? The only reason that I see that she’s going ahead with the latest in a long line of u-turns on recent policy (she had earlier pledged not to go to the country).

I heard the announcement on the radio yesterday with a groan…. a groan in hearing the predictions in the media that the Conservatives would win an increased majority. Some public opinion polls put them around 20 per cent ahead of Labour, and they have the backing of most of the media, even though they don’t deserve it.

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There is an OPPOSITION- except the mainstream media ignores it

The current issues of both The New Statesman and Prospect magazines wasted a lot of space analysing the moribund state of the Labour party and bemoaning theĀ  lack of so-called opposition to the current Conservative government.

Well, there may be a lack of one in Parliament, where Prime Minister Theresa May continues to get away with it, despite her poor handling of the recent Budget and messing up on Brexit.

Yet there is AN OPPOSITION… unfortunately, it is currently divided, and struggling to make its collective voice heard. Any protest worthy of the name deserves some public attention. However, they aren’t getting the sort of coverage on the mainstream media, and people are having to either go online or seek alternative sources to get the information they need.

Perhaps the only hope is that groups that are traditionally on the margins of society need to get their support from potential allies in Parliament (The Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens, independents, etc) in the hope that the government will eventually listen to what they have to say.

For this to happen, the entire Labour party, Corbyn, McDonell, Abbott etc., will need to get out of the way….

We are OUT of Europe!

It’s over.

After nearly 44 years of membership, The United Kingdom is to leave the European Union bloc. A selection of newspaper headlines on this historic moment.

Unite behind Brexit, says May“- Daily Telegraph

FREEDOM! On a historic day for Britain, Theresa May signs the letter that tells the EU: We’re OUT!“- Daily Mail

Theresa May’s no-nonsense message to Brussels- DEAR EU, WE’RE LEAVING YOU“- Daily Express

Today, as our PM triggers Britain’s exit from the EU, we beam this message from the iconic White Cliffs to our neighbours… DOVER AND OUT!“- The Sun

Today Britain steps into the unknown“- The Guardian

“The eyes of the world are watching. May triggers Britain’s EU departure“- The Times

DEAR EU, IT’S TIME TO GO“- Daily Mirror

A great turning point in Britain’s history“- London Evening Standard

May signs us out“- Metro UK

Brexit begins“- The I

Whatever opinion one thinks of this, it certainly is a sad day for the country.

BREAKING NEWS- MP quits his own party!

Fortunately for Jeremy Corbyn (even more unfortunate for the media who were expecting Labour resignations), the defector in question is Douglas Carswell, who was first elected as a Conservative before resigning and joining the UK Independence Party. He fully intends to continuing remaining an independent MP for the seat he represents in Parliament.

Given his record, why doesn’t he also resign from politics altogether?