The Pointless General Election- the aftermath

Okay…. I got it wrong! I, like many bloggers, commentators, and the public in general, predicted that the Conservatives were going to win a landslide…. but that didn’t happen. Here’s some newspaper headlines on the eve of the election…                   Here’s some newspaper headlines after the results…          …

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The Pointless General Election

What is the point of this general election? A general election which was not really needed. A general election in which politicians continually argue over nothing. A general election in which the real issues facing the nation will not be tackled. A general election which is being repeatedly dominated by brexit. A general election in which the nation is becoming…

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Terror returns to London

Seven people were killed and 48 injured, some in critical condition, after a third terror attack to hit the UK in three months. Here’s what we know happened so far. It looks that  the British people are now going to have to get used to having these attacks on a regular basis.

Terror in Manchester

Manchester attack: 22 dead and 59 injured in suicide bombing Prey for the dead, the inujred and their loved ones. Enough said. UPDATE: Disgraceful of The Sun Newspaper to use these attacks to criticise Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour reacts to local elections debacle

The Labour party’s reaction to arguably their worst local elections results in living memory yesterday reminds me of the service provided by the shopkeeper in Monty Python’s infamous Dead Parrot sketch.