Coronavirus- 30,000+ UK deaths- a very British failure

It is official… the United Kingdom now has the highest death toll from coronavirus in Europe… higher than Italy… higher than Spain… and higher than France. It has been a complete scandal that so many people have died needlessly due to the failings of parliament.

Failings over the lack of protective equpiment for NHS health, care home staff and other key workers, people facing financial ruin and developing mental health issues, the lax enforcement of the already light social distancing rules, continued misleading information at press conferences, the media’s (except in a few cases) and parliament’s reluctance to hold the actions of the present government to account.

And now this!!!!!!

The United Kingdom is toatally screwed…

Labour- new leader purges leftwingers in his first shadow cabinet

So, only twenty-four hours since his election as leader of the Labour party, Sir Keir Starmer is bringing in the changes. He started by purging many Corbyn supporters from his first shadow cabinet. Former leadership challenger Lisa Nandy was appointed shadow foreign secretary, while Angela Rayner, who won the deputy leadership, becomes party chairperson. Several Corbyn loyalists either stood down or were sacked.

However, Starmer faces major problems on many fronts. Commentators, particularly those on the political left, weren’t exactly impressed. Leftwingers understandibly criticised the reshuffle, fearing claims that he is planning a wholesale purge of MPs and members who happen to disagree with his political worldview and plan to fight him.

That is just the start of Starmer’s difficulties. He also faces allegations that he won’t do enough to tackle anti-semtism, racial discrimination and political bullying. He is also under pressure to explain claims that he would work alongside prime minister Boris Johnson to form a sort of “government of national unity” to tackle the coronavirus.

There have also been reports of thousands of members and supporters were unable to get their election ballot papers, so they couldn’t cast their vote. The leadership contest was seen by many as both so dull and uninspiring that many of them either decided not to vote or quit the party altogether. As a result, the turnout was well down on the Millband (2010) and two Corbyn (2015 and 2016) contests. As I posted previously, Starmer will probably spend most of his leadership, like Corbyn and Miliband before him, trying to control the party’s huge bureaucracy.

When one sees what is happening inside Labour right now, it’s no wonder the Conservative government, in spite of their poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic, will not have anything to worry about.

Labour finally elects new leader

Most commentators who have either written or broadcast endlessly on the coronavirus crisis had thankfully little to say for the fact that the opposition Labour party will soon get a new leader to replace arch leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn after their devastating general election defeat to the Conservatives last December.

Being leader of the party, whether in power or opposition, is a thankless task. It is an organisation which is heavily factionalised and divided. Ever since losing power in 2010, everyone involved from trade unionists to members, from supporters to MPs, have spent endless energy routinely attacking each other. Who in their right mind would want to be a member of this sh*t show?

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Coronavirus- Anyone can get it!

First it was Prince Charles….

Then it was Prime Minister Boris Johnson…

Now, even health secretary Matt Hancock has got it….

Yes, ALL of them are positive for the deadly coronavirus.

For those cynics and sceptics who say it won’t happen to them, they’re talking bullshit. Any one of us can get the deadly coronavirus… and for many of us, it will be a death sentence.

Now people will have to start taking this disease very, very seriously.

The message is clear. Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.