Brexit car crash

It’s all falling apart for the government.

Prime Minister Theresa May cannot seem to keep her word on anything. She is publically ridiculed by her own MPs. Parliament is paralysed.

PM delays brexit deal vote- BBC News

Brexit debate on Channel 4 (UK) last night. WATCH: Green MP Caroline Lucas wipes the floor with her brexiteer opponents

Perhaps this Jonathan Pie video sums up what this country is going through.


In other news, brexit could still be cancelled according to EU Court.


Why we must still accept brexit

At last… after two years of endless struggle, personal and political bitching and backbiting, the Conservative government has put forward a plan which they hoped after all the negotiations, will finally strike a deal with the European Union that will enable a speedy and orderly departure from the organisation in March 2019.

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For English football, the future is bleak

By the time you have read this, the England football team may have been eliminated from the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Most of the current squad who are currently there are inexperienced and that would have been exposed on the pitch by their opponents in the competition.

The team are still scarred by the embarrasing defeat to Iceland in the European Championships two years ago. In fact they have had an appalling record in knockout games in both the Worlds and the Euros since 1966… and of course, don’t get started on the penalties…

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Royal wedding nonsense

Saturday, according to the British media, is supposed to be a happy day, designed to bring our heavily-divided nation together, and to divert our public attention, briefly anyway, from our entrenched and deep rooted social problems.

Our politicians still don’t have a strategy on leaving the European Union.

Increasing levels of crime, homeless, and austerity (10 years and counting).

The economy is declining, leading to job losses.

The ongoing threat of more terror attacks.

Repeated public hostility towards foreigners, particularly refugees, non-whites and EU nationals.

Our health services are routinely failing to care for those who need help.

Yet we are expected to be both grateful and happy that Prince Harry, youngest son of Prince Charles, is marrying American actress Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately for them, and the rest of the Royal family, there are plenty of people across the nation who will definitely not be happy with the coming union.